Scientific programme

Paper submission
May 7, 2014

Scientific programme

Proposed themes

Session themes span from basic research to industrial demonstrations, with topics including

  • Nutrient recovery
  • Organics production
  • Integrated water recovery
  • Environmental assessment
  • Energy transformation
  • Extraction technology
  • Process modeling
  • Regulatory and societal aspects

Contributions in any aspects of resource recovery will be considered, and in particular we are interested in papers that are related to:

  • Conversion of inorganic water constituents for non-fertilizer applications
  • Organics production including carboxylates, alcohols and biopolymers
  • Technological approaches for separation and purification
  • Product specifications and quality assurance
  • Energy transformation including pipelines that enhance the outcome of anaerobic digestion
  • Integrated pipelines for recovery of resources including water for reuse

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